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Upgrade Your Vehicle Today

We work wonders when it comes to high-performance


High-Performance Engine Mechanic in Cranbrook

Do you own a vehicle with a diesel engine? Then you know how tough it is to find a capable, experienced mechanic who can repair them. At JRT Auto & Marine, you will find professional high-performance engine mechanic in Cranbrook. We specialize in engines of vehicles such as cars, boats and trucks. Be it a diesel or a gas engine, we take good care of it for you.

Any Make, Any Model: Warrantied Work

In our more than 30 years of serving the community, we have always made sure to provide you with top-notch services. Our specialties include supplying and repairing parts of vehicles. We specialize in repairing the early 70’s boats. Also, we work on all models and makes of cars, trucks and boats. Our in-house dyno-test system makes sure that your vehicles get the kind of servicing it deserves. You will find out that we are the only mechanic shop in the surrounding area of Cranbrook who work on 6L diesel engines. Additionally, we offer a one-year warranty on all our work. 

Call us to fix an appointment for your vehicle or drive in to our garage. We will take care of everything.

MBRP Performance Inc. Exhaust

As authorized dealers of MBPR Performance Exhaust, we can free some of the power in your engine and help it breathe easier. Whether you drive a truck that hauls heavy equipment, want to cut down on the fuel consumption of your vehicle or participate in motor sports competition, we will equip your vehicle’s exhaust system with the right upgrade. Visit us to get your vehicle checked and fixed today!

Exhausted With Your Truck’s Performance?

Find the right kind of parts and services for your vehicle.

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